Friday, March 12, 2010

Stupak is on the ropes

I moseyed on over to ActBlue and happened to see this on the front page:

Ms. Saltonstall is the woman who announced a primary challenge to Bart Stupak, who has proven himself an odious theocrat once again. I sent her a little cash myself, might have to send some more later. She's raised $20k online in about a day, which I think is pretty impressive.

The why should be obvious: Stupak's behavior has been far beyond the pale. And I'm not going to do the thing about how the Democrats are a pro-choice party and he should not stand up for what he believes in. I find it irritating when Michael Steele says stuff like that and I'm not going to say it myself. It's not even that he opposes this particular health care reform bill. Bart Stupak has proven himself to be solely interested in power politics. He doesn't care about the women whose lives would be impacted by his law, any more than he cares about the tens of thousands of people who die because their health insurance gets cancelled. He's interested in becoming the head of the Pro-life Democratic Caucus and a power player in the House. How do I know this? Because his complaints about the bill are senseless. The Senate Bill very clearly separates federal money from abortion funding--the Nelson/Casey business actually mandates separate checks to be written to pay for insurance for abortion. Stupak is a lying, C-Street fundamentalist, and I'd rather take a chance with someone who isn't of that ilk, like Connie Saltonstall, and accept the risk of her losing the general to someone with Stupak's views. No downside, in my opinion. The good news is that it looks like his coalition is cracking.

I agree with John Cole: he's worse than Lieberman.

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