Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tribunes of the people

Like most, I have some real reservations about the president's strategy in Afghanistan. I don't like the idea of leaving the country back to the Taliban, but I similarly don't like the idea of sticking around playing the elephant-shooter to Afghanistan's warring tribes. I'm not nearly qualified to speak to the merits of said plan, but I am qualified to discuss this factoid:
A new Quinnipiac poll finds public support for the war in Afghanistan is up nine points in the last three weeks, as American voters say 57% to 35% that fighting the war is the right thing to do. President Obama's approval for handling of the war is up seven points in the same period.
I find this absolutely fascinating, considering that virtually the entire press establishment and much of the blogosphere panned Obama's speech and approach to the conflict last week. Too dreary, I kept hearing. Not inspiring enough.

So much of the media and the blogosphere seems to think that they have some sort of keen understanding of, in Ms. Palin's undying turn of phrase, "Joe Six-Pack". But they largely don't. They don't even have Palin's level of understanding of these folks. They present themselves as having some sort of blue-collar perspective, but the amount of times (particularly in relation with Obama) that they've egregiously misjudged popular sentiment sometimes boggles the mind. I'm just remembering all those times when the press declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the debate by a landslide, while polls of the people who watched the damn thing gave it either to Clinton narrowly or to Obama outright.

Punditry is worthless.

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