Friday, April 23, 2010

Will Obama never move slowly enough for David Brooks?

I agree with Tomasky's view here:

Obama and the Democrats will take a licking at the polls this November. But assuming they hold on to the House, which I still think they will, you'll probably see a Democratic Party that moves more in Brooks' desired direction.

Which is not something I have a problem with. Assuming financial regs get done, the new START happens, DADT gets ended, and carbon pricing gets enacted by the Congress, I have no problem with pausing for some consolidation, and perhaps focusing on fixing our entitlement problems. Because then most of the biggest problems will have been solved. But I say get as much done now as possible.

Speaking of climate change, this is just a little worrisome, though I'm guessing it's the usual tactic that legislators use of speaking to each other through the media. I sure hope that Democrats aren't dumb enough to think that the public is going to buy that this is an urgent issue by not doing anything about it, and that progressives are going to be okay with this. Most liberals want immigration reform, but climate change brings much more passion for most people. I sure hope we aren't playing the constituency game here.

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