Monday, June 28, 2010

Which site has the wingnuttiest commenters on the internet?

I am not sure myself, but I'm always shocked at how wingnutty Yahoo! News's commenters are. And this pro forma piece on Obama pursuing immigration reform is tops as far as entertaining wingnuttery goes (though the ability to form complete sentences or, you know, thoughts is a bit deficient from what you might find on, I don't know, RedState).

My front-page favorites (unedited, of course):
Coming from a Blackman-Just remember to vote , these elected officials out at all cost, Corporations are backing this stuff for the cheap laborer, some of these businesses are HP,Boeing,McDonalds to name a few.
With unemployment among citizens at 10% ,families losing their homes, unable to educate their own kids these clowns are considering amnesty for 25 million criminals ,what happen to taking care of your own (Americans)? and stepping up and paying a fair wage . Every corp. , laborer organization ,elected official needs to identified and boycotted for the selling out of America.
My fellow americans we need to march, call,e mail,write these elected officials and let them know we mean business.
Brothers,sisters, don't vote color , but vote common sense this bill will further put unemployment among us at even a higher rate don't get caught up in the hype at the white house.
I'm sure some of his best friends are black, but apparently none are economists.
all of u are crazy! y dnt u go follow hitler, is excactly the samething u all are doing right now, your pointing us out because of our skin whats next an arm band like hitler did the jews. your saying we dont pay taxes which we do and why dont yall mention we cant claim them at the end of the year,most of us do come to work. yea theres immigrant criminals just like theres american criminals theres good and bad people in every race! i agree with deporting criminals which are giving a bad image to all of us, who are here to work for a better living.
Yes, as we all know, Hitler's top priority as Reichsfuhrer was promoting the immigration of vastly larger numbers of foreign ethnics into Germany!

Okay, so I don't really have a larger point here. Just a little entertainment.

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