Friday, August 29, 2008

Poor Andrew Sullivan

He's spent a greater part of the day hopping mad at McCain's selection of Palin. I take it philosophically: she's clearly unqualified. Clearly. Just over a year of being a governor of a small state with a nonexistent portfolio on the issues is unacceptable. It's a pander pick, to be sure. Now, some on the right might say that Palin has more executive experience than any of the other national candidates, and this is true, but I'm not sure time is the only pertinent metric when it comes to experience. Barack Obama has spent the last four years in the Senate and is clearly well-versed in the issues of the day. He's especially versed in foreign policy and his experience keeps getting vindicated. But evidently simply running a tiny state magically prepares you to be president, while passing a number of significant bills and taking leadership on foreign policy issues on loose nukes and Afghanistan doesn't. Good to know.

I think Andrew's reader gets it right:
Looking at these two events, what do we see? Obama is cautious, conservative and highly deliberative in his approach. McCain is a risk-taker, indeed, even a bit rash.

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