Saturday, August 30, 2008

Was Palin a bust?

The pick was pretty much about seizing attention for the immediate future, and it did that. But it seems unlikely to scrape off too many Democratic women. Interestingly enough, women are more skeptical of Palin than men, and I suppose it's understandable. Women who want a female president are nervous that, should Palin wind up being a disaster, it makes it that much harder for a woman to win down the road. And this is the key: only 9% of Obama's voters are more likely to vote for McCain with Palin on the ticket.

This pick was a gamble that evidently failed, and now the GOP is saddled with her. And I'm not entirely sure why McCain thought Hillary voters would come over in droves just because Palin is a woman--Hillary's qualifications appealed to women because she was very qualified. Palin isn't. It's not a feminist choice in any sense. It really is tokenism.

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