Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A quick thought

You know, I think that President Obama has already been responsible for some pretty interesting cultural innovations. For example, before Obama was elected, I'd never heard of people protesting something that hasn't been proposed. Nope, it was always something that was actively being considered, or already happened, or was already happening. Seems to make more sense that way--protests of hypotheticals aren't exactly efficient. But hey, it's their time, I guess.

The Man, The Myth, The Bio

East Bay, California, United States
Problem: I have lots of opinions on politics and culture that I need to vent. If I do not do this I will wind up muttering to myself, and that's only like one or two steps away from being a hobo. Solution: I write two blogs. A political blog that has some evident sympathies (pro-Obama, mostly liberal though I dissent on some issues, like guns and trade) and a culture blog that does, well, cultural essays in a more long-form manner. My particular thing is taking overrated things (movies, mostly, but other things too) down a peg and putting underrated things up a peg. I'm sort of the court of last resort, and I tend to focus on more obscure cultural phenomena.