Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If I ruled the world

This is from Sullivan: "A new heterosexual record in Israel - as a 50-year-old man gets an eleventh marriage license."

My entirely sensible (and therefore never-to-be-implemented) plan: three divorces and you're done. I could envision some problems occurring with this scheme, but I do think that on some level marriage should be an institution that actually expects some level of compliance with its stated vows. I think opening up domestic partnerships to straights who don't want that level of commitment is a good idea, though I've never particularly been fond of the "civil unions for all" argument. Unlike the marriage for straights, civil unions for gays position it does address the moral rather than the political issue of marriage equality, but it smacks of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I see domestic partnerships as an ancillary institution for gay and straight marriages, not an alternative one.

My other idea would be to make anyone under 25 ineligible for a marriage license. Maybe make a domestic partnership available to 18-24s, but not full-blown marriage. While someone who is 18 is technically an adult, there's still quite a bit of education--both formal and informal--and maturity that occurs after that time. Making a lifelong decision like this just out of high school can be disastrous. I've seen it go bad a few too many times not to think that people would be better off waiting a little longer. Of course, this plan will never be implemented either, but I suspect its ultimate results would be positive.

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