Thursday, July 22, 2010

Colorado looks poised

To stay blue, that is:
Former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) demanded that the two GOP gubernatorial candidates in Colorado drop out of the race, the Denver Post reports.

If they don't, he said he will run for governor as an American Constitution Candidate, a move likely to split the Republican Party in November's general election.
This is just another casefile in the fringe right's chickens coming home to roost. Tancredo is crazy, but certainly shrewd, and he no doubt figures that this is the year that someone with his profile could go far. He's not wrong about that. But there's no way he wins statewide if he gets the GOP nomination, and if the Democrat in the race, John Hickenlooper, manages to win in a landslide, he might well wind up saving the Democrats' appointed Senator, Mike Bennett, as well as vulnerable Congresswoman Betsy Markey by dragging them through on his coattails. Tancredo is doing this because the GOP candidate has been a caught plagiarist, which is one of those random strokes of luck that don't happen very often. Amazingly, the Democrats will probably have a decent election cycle in Colorado. Wouldn't have expected that from such a volatile swing state.

The GOP has made quite a few mistakes this year when it comes to recruiting candidates, but to be fair, they didn't want people like Sharron Angle and Rand Paul to get their nominations. I think this Colorado disaster is more a case of bad luck for them than anything else.

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