Friday, July 16, 2010

It's a trend!

We have the second straight poll showing Harry Reid beating Sharron angle. This coming on the heels of Rand Paul's follies, Scott McInnis's plagiarism scandal, and Tom Emmer ensuring that every service worker in the state votes against him (plus a little something from oppo research) and you really have to wonder how inept the Republican recruiting has been for this year.

Personally, I don't want to overstate this. I don't much care for Jon Cornyn, but he is a fairly smart strategic thinker and clearly wanted to emulate the Democrats' successes in '06 and '08 by recruiting candidates in sync with their states. Had he gotten his way--had Trey Grayson gotten the nod in Kentucky, Charlie Crist in Florida, Sue Lowden in Nevada--his party would be much better positioned to win big in the Senate. Okay, maybe not so much the Chickens for Checkups lady, but at the very least before that gaffe she presented herself as a decent candidate and mainstream Republican. Even despite the gaffe she might have had a shot at beating Reid. But the RGA has recently had two huge setbacks that were entirely of their own making and seems to be about as helpful to Republicans as the DGA is to other Democrats.

Apparently Minnesota and Colorado are listed as Toss-ups for their gubernatorial races by Larry Sabato. They won't be for long.

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