Monday, February 9, 2009

The height of charletanism

can be found here. I tend to think that Republicans are eventually going to cave and just seat Franken for a simple reason: Franken gives them a better chance to eventually retake the seat. Norm Coleman is under investigation by the FBI, and if he gets bounced from the Senate the Dems have an awfully good chance of retaking the seat in 2010. It's Minnesota, after all! Obama won it by 10 points. And the likelihood is that the Democrats will pick someone more formidable than Al Franken in 2010--someone like Congresswoman Betty McCollum, perhaps--who will be virtually impossible to topple, ever. Franken will probably always be controversial, and the race will be a tossup every six years. All this is about now is trying to delegitimize Franken because a) Coleman might somehow manage to pull a rabbit out of his hat and hold the seat for a while longer, and Franken being seen as illegitimate could help keep down voter revolt as people will be glad to just get it over with, and b) so that Al will pipe down in the Senate and/or be an easier target down the line. At some point they're going to stop throwing away money.

Oh, by the way, wasn't Harry Reid going to try to seat Franken a few weeks back? God, the man's effective.

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