Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In re birfers

Weigel digs up some gold:

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What I find hilarious about this is that the wingnuts are already blaming the media for this. Well, with a birther bill that has what, 10 cosponsors, almost all of the talk radio goons, and a growing percentage of the right wing, I don't understand why it's not a legitimate story. Just because it makes Republicans look bad doesn't mean that it's not a legitimate story. But I think we're seeing the limits of Republicans' inability to impose self-discipline, as it has evolved over the past few decades. More and more this party is looking like the UK Labour Party in the 1980s--just lost, unable to govern, unable even to appeal to voters. It took Labour 18 years to get back into power.

I also liked Ta-Neheisi's observation here:
I think this is what happens when you only fulfill half of your duty as a leader. Surely part of it is to represent your folks. But another part of it is to protect them from the mob mentality. But when you actively cultivate Schiavo, "intelligent" design, Confederate Flags, and homophobia, I'm not sure what you expect.

To paraphrase Douglass, a Party is worked on by what they choose to work on. Work on stupid, expect to get stuck there. Expect to have to take meetings with a Russian-born dentist/lawyer about who's American, and who's not.
He forgot realtor/tae-kwon-do master.

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