Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Beyond cutting edge"

Steve Benen reviews the new GOP website:
  • The site includes a new two-page section on Republican "heroes." It features quite a few historic African Americans -- note to the RNC: you're trying way too hard -- including legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson, who wasn't actually a Republican.

  • Steele has a blog on the site. It's called "What Up." The first sentence reads, "The Internet has been around a while, now." Seriously, that's exactly what it says.

  • The site features a timeline of Republican Party "accomplishments," dating back to 1860. The last entry is from 2004, and refers to directing federal funds to private religious schools in D.C., in a voucher program that's failed in a variety of ways. The previous "accomplishment" was the launch of the Iraq war in 2003 (the piece also spells "Iraq" incorrectly). According to the RNC's own new website, the Republican Party hasn't had any accomplishments in the last five years.

  • The RNC created a page for "future leaders" of the party. It's literally blank.

  • Steele's first blog post asks readers, "Why are you are Republican? Think about that for a minute."
I'm not sure what comment you can really make at this point. I actually feel pretty bad for Michael Steele these days. He obviously didn't deserve his job and he simply can't do it. And his self-appointed role as the "cool" Republican couldn't have been executed better by Ricky Gervais. It's like he got all his information on being black from watching VH1 ten years ago.

But the Iraq war as an accomplishment? Larison continues to be right--they really don't get it.

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