Monday, October 26, 2009

Not so much a serious post, so much as an honest question

I've been following the GOP's suicide attempt (it's a cry for help!) in the NY-23 Special Election, and I find it interesting. My only question is this: if you were a moderate who lived in the district, and you were deciding who to vote for, would you consider most a) the candidates' stances on the issues, b) whether electing somebody who would vote in the majority would be better for seeing your needs met, or c) whether some obscure backbench congressman not from New York endorsed said candidate? Well, if it's (c), there's this item to consider.

Okay, I can understand Sarah Palin's endorsement helping out Hoffman, because she's idolized by the base and has real influence among some people. Admittedly, one wonders how many of those people live in New York that might potentially vote for a moderate Republican or a Democrat anyway, but honestly, is anyone who's tentative or undecided going to vote for Hoffman because Representative John Linder of Georgia thinks they should? This displays ego, if nothing else. Well, possibly also some attempt to curry favor with the conservative base without taking any risk. Might someone be running for governor of Georgia?

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