Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sullivan and Kagan, redux

Will somebody please stop this man? Seriously, it's not enough to call Elena Kagan a closet case and therefore a vile liar, does he have to bring up this subject seemingly every other post?

Hey, Andrew: She's. Not. Gay. Everybody who knows her says so. Not only are you making me much more sympathetic to the woman, you're being a lazy and immature stereotypist. What's with this whisper campaign? What are you doing? Why can't you get over her apparent straightness? And yes, I'm a straight guy, so I guess I'm suspect, but implying that she's a closet case without evidence of it is basically calling Kagan a liar, isn't it? Why so many more posts about her than, say, Lindsey Graham? I can barely even stomach this anymore. What you're doing isn't noble, isn't journalistic, isn't free speech martyrdom, it's self-pitying and attention seeking. Please stop.

I've been reading Sullivan for about five years now, through points both high and low. I stopped for a few months in '07 because of his vitriol toward Hillary Clinton. Don't think I wouldn't take a break again. The thought is growing ever more appealing. I could follow another four blogs a day if I dumped him. It's like the Trig Palin theories. Seriously, who wants this stuff? Seemingly aside from Glenn Greenwald, the biggest a-hole on the internet (and I mean that in the best way, seriously), who really wants to read about why if Kagan were gay it would be unconscionable for her to be in the closet? Maybe once or twice, but a dozen times a day? I tend to think Andrew's issues with women tend to be more smoke than fire, but I'm seriously reconsidering this view.

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