Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tom Periello catches a break?

Virgil Goode--i.e. the embarrassing jackass who raised hell about Keith Ellison being sworn in on the Qur'an--is evidently pondering a third-party challenge to the progressive Democrat who unseated him, Tom Perriello.

Perriello is an interesting case. He's quite progressive on most major issues--energy and health care come to mind--but he's pro-life and presumably anti-gun control, etc. He is nevertheless a favorite among the left netroots because of his progressive convictions, and considering he's representing a district that elected a Virgil Goode to Congress, nobody figured he'd be around for very long. Except that he's proven to be a hard worker who takes hard votes and then works to get his constituents to understand his thinking. In the age of Dick Morris and Drudge, it seems like a sort of old-fashioned, nostalgic approach to politics that the cynics would scoff at. But it's working! All the polls of this race show it to be close. And even if Perriello has a ceiling of 45% or so, two conservative opponents splitting the anti-Perriello vote could help the guy squeak through a tough re-election fight.

And I really hope he does. Perriello is the sort of young, committed politician who threatens to give Democrats a good name. I suspect he'll become a big rising star in the party if he wins another term.

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