Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greatest unintentional compliment of the day

"This is someone who doesn’t believe in activism and America’s greatness as a way to change things around the world. He only believes we should do those things at home." -- Rick Santorum

I love this. He's right, you know. And the hilarious thing is that he thinks this is a bad thing, that it's fundamentally selfish for America to try to get its house in order before trying to meddle in foreign politics. You have to love this sort of cluelessness. It doesn't compute with these people that trying to advance democracy is more difficult in a country where bribery is effectively legal, where huge special interests set the score when it comes to regulation, and where the structures of government are centuries old and highly dysfunctional. It similarly doesn't compute that a country that denies millions of people fundamental human rights on the basis of their sexual orientation, that reserves the right to take anyone, anywhere and toss them into jail for an indeterminate amount of time with no legal recourse, and that engages in torture might not be the best world's spokesman for freedom. It seems that one of the prerequisites of neoconnery is serious self-delusion.

And here's a little something while we're on the subject:

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