Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brown vs. Whitman, redux

The hits keep on coming. Now Whitman has a nanny scandal and a new poll shows both Brown and Boxer with substantial leads in their races.

In the comments to my previous post on this contest, Montana asks if Fiorina and Whitman are falling in the polls because they are better candidates on paper than in reality, or if it's because people are figuring out that they're not quite in step with what Californians want to begin with. I think this is a really good question, actually. The new poll shows Boxer/Brown riding a stampede of women voters to their side, which is probably indicative of the public paying more attention an realizing that both Republican women are anti-marriage equality, Fiorina is pro-life, neither has a particularly compelling message, Whitman won't talk to the press, etc. The GOP had an opportunity here, and that both these races were close (or even GOP-leaning) suggests that they had the right idea in terms of candidate selection, image-wise. But it turns out that billionaire self-funders with no political experience (outside of shilling for the McCain campaign, I suppose) and no real vision aren't best positioned to exploit the public's anger at unemployment, corporate welfare, and phony politicians. In retrospect it seems so obvious.

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