Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who is Chris Coons?

The likely next Senator from Delaware is profiled here:
A former lawyer, Coons holds a master's degree from Yale Divinity School and spent time in South Africa and Kenya doing relief work. He entered the Senate race after Biden's son, state Attorney General Beau Biden, declined to seek his father's old seat. Both Bidens recruited Coons before Beau Biden made his intentions known. Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, a Delaware native who knew Coons and his wife, also leaned on his old friend to make the run, despite Castle's clear advantages.

In an interview last spring, Coons said he had been looking forward to a quiet end to his second term when the Bidens first contacted him. "This was going to be our perfect year," Coons said. "We were going to take vacation."
Not quite. It's been a pretty tough year for Dems, but this is a huge break. I don't think it will make the difference in Senate control because I don't think the Senate is really up for grabs.

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