Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time for a break

I found this post by blog friend Emily Hauser to be very entertaining: a list of things she hates more than she should. What would be on my list? Any number of traffic-related phenomena, Denis Leary, and televised awards shows. Maybe the latter is justifiable. These things don't actually exist to celebrate greatness in whatever media they represent, they exist for their own sake. And because they need to give out awards, it just becomes another campaign, with politicking and dollars making the difference. I'd love it if they didn't name winners and just picked a few noteworthy films and performances to honor--they could just ditch the awards and keep the nominees secret until the broadcast, and then let the people personally decide which ones they liked best. I suppose that would sap excitement from the broadcast, but you don't usually use "excitement" and "award show" in the same sentence, unless a negative is involved.

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