Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Would catching a break be too much to hope for?

It's often seemed like Democrats just can't catch a break this year (as of this moment, it looks like they're going to be beaten badly in Pennsylvania, which is not exactly a Republican state), and the GOP's nominations of several extreme candidates has only backfired to a limited extent (Sharron Angle still has a shot in Nevada, Rand Paul is slightly ahead in Kentucky, and Joe Miller might well still win in Alaska). It's actually been rare that Republicans have picked candidates that will obviously lose over candidates that will obviously win, but evidently they might kneecap themselves in New Hampshire and Delaware. In both states, establishment Republicans could find themselves purged by Tea Partiers that would turn easy wins into likely bad losses in blue states. I mean, really, why people from Delaware would nominate the woman who lost to Joe Biden by 30 points in 2006 is strange to me, and it's probably too much to hope for, but I guess we need something to hope for these days.

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