Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adventures in Bizarroland

i.e., where modern-day conservatives live:
The NRCC is banging the good old culture wars drum today, sending out a raft of press releases asking if rookie Dems from conservative districts back the inclusion of anti-sexually transmitted disease programs.

The title of the release: Do Freshmen Dems Support $335 Million for STD Prevention in "Stimulus"?
Um, yes?! I thought we were supposed to prevent STDs. I don't think they realize that conservatives, by setting up Democrats as pro-prevention, are tacitly saying they're pro-STD. Nice work, guys! This is what happens when you go all in on culture wars: eventually you tie yourself up in knots, and you eventually don't know what you're talking about.

Another unhinged conservative statement, this one from Senator John Ensign of Nevada, attacking Herbert Hoover for being too liberal:
Hoover was very interventionist. He raised taxes, increased spending, and tried very much to [intervene in] the economy.

"A lot of us would not like to have the level of government involvement" that the stimulus involves, Ensign added.

Yeah. Hoover raised taxes to balance the budget, which was silly. And he did try a little bit of what FDR would do later with the New Deal. He, however, was assuredly not a Keynesian and believed fervently that the market would correct itself, and thus didn't commit to government intervention. I'm not exactly sure that Ensign--who hails from my hometown in California, by the way--really wants the new rallying cry of the GOP to be: "Herbert Hoover: Too Liberal!" Not exactly, "Yes We Can!" Of course, Ensign was NRSC Chair during the last election cycle, so this is an example of the political mind that lost Republicans eight senate seats in 2008.

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