Friday, January 16, 2009

The old turnaround

Joe Carter tries on a counter-meme to Andrew Sullivan saying that Bush is the worst president ever. The shorter version is: well, Bush did a lot of bad things, but for most of those bad things there was another president who was worse at each one, so therefore Bush isn't the worst? It doesn't seem to occur to Carter that these deficiencies ought to have an additive effect, and that the only person who he can say was generally worse than Bush--Richard Nixon--is objectively much better than Bush? Sure he is! Aside from some serious diplomatic and domestic policy accomplishments (civil rights and the environment, for starters), Nixon's crimes against the presidency were basically that he was polarizing, that he was a "dirty" politician, and that he lied a lot to the American people. Bush is just like that, only minus the accomplishments.

Seriously, if this is the best that current Bush supporters can come up with, they might as well just admit he was the worst.

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