Monday, January 26, 2009

Wheels coming off the Paterson wagon

Not especially surprising. David Paterson really hurt himself with the Caroline Kennedy scenario, and his appointment of a none-too-progressive Democrat in one of the most progressive states in the union--one which voted over 70% for a governor who supported gay marriage in 2006--smacked largely of internal state politics and Paterson's own personal considerations for reelection rather than who best represented the state's interests and values. Plus, his budget proposals aren't popular at all. Paterson should just have picked Andrew Cuomo for the Senate seat. Now Cuomo is likely to take Paterson's. Some poetic justice there.

I suppose my only concern at this point is that Rudy Giuliani's stock is ticking up. I really thought we were done with this dime store Mussolini, but evidently not. I would figure that, after an endlessly mockable presidential primary campaign ridden with poor management and constant and usually irrelevant invocations of 9/11, coupled with an extraordinarily obnoxious media presence throughout the campaign which culminated in the very apex of ridiculousness when Rudy Giuliani--he of the rooming with gay guys and crossdressing fame--accused someone else of being too "cosmopolitan". Let's not even get into his personal history. And yet, a majority of New Yorkers still like the guy? Crazy.

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