Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reid going down in 2010?

This is just a pipe dream. I don't really fault the Republicans for trying it, though I take some issue with the "Republicans challenging Reid" storyline. Of course, Republicans will challenge Harry Reid. They'll field a candidate, that candidate will conduct a campaign, and will win or lose. This will happen. But it ignores the fact that the Republicans do not, as of now, have an actual candidate to oppose him. So, while "Republicans" are challenging him, no one in particular is challenging him, electorally.

Honestly? I wouldn't be too sad to see Reid go. I think he's been--at best--a bumbling leader, prone to barking loud and then caving at the critical moment. Since he seems intent on not making way for Chuck Schumer to take over the leadership, and since Senate Dems seem to be willing to keep him on (why didn't Schumer make a leadership challenge?), this wouldn't be a bad way of ditching the dude.

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