Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They deserved it...right?

Sullivan flags a post from the nutballs over at Commentary that is true, but also irrelevant. Hamas hates America, it is true. But they haven't attacked us, or helped anyone who has attacked us. I know that, to neocons, merely hating America ought to be enough to get war declared on you. But I honestly don't see how Hamas's politics have much to do with whether Israel was justified in striking as it did. Either Israel was justly provoked or it wasn't. Either they overreacted or they didn't. Once you start saying that Palestinians deserved those bombs because of how they feel you're getting into some pretty dark territory.

I always hear this from neocons: that groups like Hamas are our enemy because they hate us and wish us harm. It is true that Hamas dislikes us but they haven't actually taken action to hurt us and they don't seem particularly interested in trying. Ditto Hezbollah. We have some real enemies, like al-Qaeda, though I think their capabilities have been quite exaggerated. I guess there are two types of people in the world: those who want to try to get everyone to get along, and those that look around the world looking for enemies to dominate. I've heard quite enough from the latter group for a while, thanks.

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