Thursday, January 29, 2009

Of fiscal conservatism

Can it really be the case that every Democratic President since Truman has presided over a drop in the national debt, while every Republican President (save Ike and first term Nixon) has presided over an increase? Matthew Gagnon makes a different argument here, and makes a few good points. Supply-siderism first came in vogue among Republicans during the 1970s, and since then a Republican President has not managed to reduce the debt. Republican Presidents before then (i.e. actual fiscal conservatives) routinely did. Conclusion: MORE TAX CUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!

The Man, The Myth, The Bio

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Problem: I have lots of opinions on politics and culture that I need to vent. If I do not do this I will wind up muttering to myself, and that's only like one or two steps away from being a hobo. Solution: I write two blogs. A political blog that has some evident sympathies (pro-Obama, mostly liberal though I dissent on some issues, like guns and trade) and a culture blog that does, well, cultural essays in a more long-form manner. My particular thing is taking overrated things (movies, mostly, but other things too) down a peg and putting underrated things up a peg. I'm sort of the court of last resort, and I tend to focus on more obscure cultural phenomena.