Thursday, August 13, 2009

Governor Moonbeam again

None of this surprises me at this point:
In the Democratic primary, Jerry Brown (D) leads Gavin Newsom (D), 29% to 20%.
In the Republican primary, Meg Whitman (R) leads with 24%, followed by Tom
Campbell (R) at 19% and Steve Poinzner (R) at 9%. In general election match ups,
Brown beats Whitman, 42% to 36%, and tops Campbell, 43% to 35%. However, with
Newsom as the Democratic nominee, the match ups are statistical ties.

Despite his reputation as an eccentric, Jerry Brown had a good record as governor--he was widely popular in the state, appealing to the hippies and fiscal conservatives alike. He also did some interesting things as Mayor of Oakland, and people I know from the area generally speak well of the guy. I think he'd be effective, but the last few governors we have had became toxically unpopular because of budget decisions that were only partly of their making. Effectiveness, basically, is stymied by the system. Hopefully Brown runs on a good government platform and calls for a constitutional convention. The state cannot wait any longer.

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