Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This. Is. Weak.

As a loyal Democrat I'd love to see Jon Corzine win re-election in New Jersey, though I'll hardly be sad if he doesn't, and it's not clear that he deserves to win. He's going to have to do much better than this, though:
"I talked to him twice in the last couple of years, perhaps one time while I was at the White House and once or twice since I left the White House," Rove said in 2007, "but -- not regarding his duties as U.S. Attorney, but regarding his interest in running for Governor, and he asked me questions about who -- who were good people that knew about running for Governor that he could talk to."
It's the smoking...er, wait, so Rove didn't say he asked Christie to investigate more Democrats for corruption. And all Christie wanted was...to know some people to talk to because he was a Republican who wanted to run for governor, and he was talking to one of the most powerful Republicans out there. This is...noncontroversial. If this is the worst that NJ Dems can come up with, I'll be the first to pay my congratulations to Governor Christie.

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