Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Three percent of Hispanics like what?

DougJ brings this Kos poll to my attention. Can the GOP's favorability among Hispanics really be at 3%? I mean, it is a Kos poll, so there's probably some house effect at play, but the ratings for Obama (at 60%--this is favorability, not job performance), and Pelosi (about 35%), et al. seem to be mostly in line with what I see elsewhere. And, in yet another sign that this is not 1994, the congressional GOP gets 10% favorability, with the overall GOP hitting about 18%. The public isn't moving toward the GOP--many of them are concerned with Obama's proposals, but almost everyone is repulsed by the GOP these days.

I just wonder what it is these people think they're accomplishing. Don't they want public support and votes? Shouldn't poll results like this maybe, like, worry them at all? Maybe Obama won't even need to try to push through immigration reform next year to split the GOP and win Hispanic votes. Republicans are almost polling within the margin of having no Hispanic support at all. Kos thinks that this is due to Sotomayor, but I agree with Doug that birtherism has probably played an invaluable part as well. Well, the GOP have made their choice, and I for one am looking forward to Texas being a toss-up state in 2012, a solid Democratic Southwest starting shortly, and a structural 60% popular Democratic majority for the next few decades after the Hispanic population hits 20% of the public and the generational turnover replaces Fox News viewers with Kossacks. Guess it was worth it, eh, Republicans?

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