Monday, September 15, 2008

Does the right realize what they've bought with Palin?

I find this interesting (via Ross Douthat): Cowen suggests that the right has unwittingly lost control of their movement by pegging it to a blank slate from Alaska. What if she turns out to be a Buchananite? What if she's uber-neocon? The right wing doesn't know, and they don't really seem to care, because all the factions think she's "one of us". It's interesting how all the criticisms that the right has made about Obamania over the past year or so have all come true, even more so, on the right. People projected (and still project) their hopes onto Barack Obama, but he has become the embodiment of the Democratic Party at this point in history. He stands for what Democrats stand for, and has said so many times. Palin doesn't seem to stand for much aside from untruth, and Republicans are so desperate for something to save them from a richly deserved political oblivion that they've basically handed everything over to Palin on some pretty flimsy evidence that she's really one of them. God only knows.

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