Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain, panicking, does stupid shit

Yeah, count me in with the people who think that McCain's newest gambit--to tie Obama in with Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, two people the public has never heard of--is unlikely to work.

Let's think through this argument on as simple a level as possible...Obama has ties to two people who used to run Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae failed. So, this means Obama...maybe shouldn't get advice from these dudes? Okay, fine, perhaps, perhaps not. But how does this translate into an argument against voting for these guys? McCain employs many people with a similar background. Obama's campaign will say this. Maybe they'll even cut an good a chance as any to mention that McCain has 83 Wall Street lobbyists on staff.

The McCain campaign simply cannot bear to lose a news cycle. Maybe they'll get some attention for this, though it's Friday and who watches the news on Friday night? Maybe instead of running around like a crazy person, saying a zillion contradictory things, maybe McCain should take a day off, talk to experts, learn about the crisis, and come up with a message.

Nah, panicking is easier. What a doofus.

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