Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An interesting thought

I realize they're doing it for their benefit now--and to thrill the base--but I wonder if Serwer isn't right and that the McCain campaign's ultra-protectiveness of Sarah Palin might not eventually give the impression that she can't stand on her own two feet. And this is a problem for them. At this point I'm mainly worried that Palin's star power won't wear off and that she'll suck the air out of the room to discuss anything else. If it starts to dissipate--if the luster wears off and there's a Bennifer-style backlash to Palin's celebrity--then McCain's in trouble. Then again, right now he seems to be taking inspiration from the U. S. Men's soccer team by getting up by a small amount and trying to run out the clock. It does open a possibility for Obama to try to rebrand himself as the serious, solutions-oriented candidate, which I hope he does. I have some ideas for possible Obama ads on this theme, I'll share them in time.

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