Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain dumbassery alert

Okay, I can understand the Clinton reference: she is a pretty big liar (though she's not as smart or talented as Bill, at that or anything else), but Sarah Palin as Reagan? We'll see how well she debates tonight, but I think the Spiro Agnew comparison fits best. Reagan was an unparalleled orator and debater during his time, Palin delivered one speech whose only novelty was that a woman was delivering it. It was the same culture war garbage the GOP has been throwing out since, well, Reagan. Palin's speech was completely substance free, and it didn't even get at telling us much about her.

I'm actually hoping that Palin turns in an acceptable debate performance. The right-wingers will say that they were right, Palin merely needed to be "freed," and demand for a more public role for her will be overwhelming. And that's when she'll really start to tank. At the end of the day, after McCain loses, the one thing that Republicans will really hate him for will be ruining Sarah Palin's prospects.

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