Friday, September 26, 2008

Is the Republican alliance breaking?

I see this as a sign that this country's politics will be moving sharply to the left soon. Abandoning Wall Street, as the Republicans seem to be doing now, could significantly alter the financial landscape of American politics, and the GOP could find itself as cash-starved as an earlier generation of Republicans used to be, and one wonders about the implications if liberals and Wall Streeters were to become closer--would capitalism water down progressivism? Or vice versa? One thing is for sure, abandoning the bailout means that politics are going to be changing, quickly.

BTW, it's interesting that the GOP is still offering pro-Wall Street economic policies while basically saying they could give a damn if Wall Street crumbles. They need a new economic policy. I think a working-class agenda by two knowledgeable young conservatives is just the thing. Somebody send these dudes a copy of Grand New Party!

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