Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah Palin is the apocalypse

Or so says this dude (via Andrew Sullivan). What I continue to find incredible is that there are people who think this is a reason to support her. Just remember that there actually are a lot of right-wingers who, despite their purported love of country, outwardly lust for its destruction as well as the destruction of the entire world. Just remember that these harbingers of patriotism believe that the 60-70% of this country who want to keep Roe in place are evil unAmericans. How can a majority of Americans be unAmerican? Then again, being able to compartmentalize--certain groups of people are real Americans while others just aren't--is something that even GOP leaders like George W. Bush do. And let's not even talk about the betrayal of American values inherent in things like torture, the shredding of civil liberties, anti-immigrant hostility, cutbacks in veterans' benefits, etc.

The left gets the rap of being unpatriotic, largely due to the once-real presence of Abbie Hoffman-type radicals. Even during the 1970s they didn't make up the bulk of the left. But the right can have people who lust for America to be destroyed--they have the most shallow, flag-waving and nothing more patriots around and nobody calls them on it? We on the left should start calling bullshit.

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