Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bait, taken

McCain says he will bring up Bill Ayers at the next debate. That should definitely work. Here are the possibilities of how I see it going down:
  • 55% chance he chickens out and doesn't do it at all
  • 35% chance he mentions it obliquely, but it is a glancing blow at best (with McCain looking at his shoes while he says it) and Obama brains him on the counterattack
  • 7% chance he mentions it aggressively and looks like a dick, and Obama brains him on the counterattack
  • 3% chance McCain pulls it off
This might seem a bit overly optimistic for an Obama supporter. I don't think it is. John McCain has shown, time and again, that he's clumsy with the knife. Has he landed a blow against Obama, aside from the celebrity nonsense, at any point in this election? It isn't like that was him, anyway. And the post makes it sound like Obama successfully manipulated the guy, which is good news for Putin and Ahmadinejad during a putative McCain presidency. It isn't like they aren't watching and aren't going to take advantage of that...

Senator Dumbass strikes again!

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