Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's all about Pennsylvania

McCain has to win Pennsylvania. His team says so. They're going to lose Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado and Virginia, plus all the Kerry states quite handily. Winning PA in a long-shot is his only, naturally, he's cutting ad funding from the Keystone State. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. This man can still theoretically be elected POTUS and he has yet to convince me that he can think strategically, as his tactics change literally every day.

Update: This makes literally no sense to me. McCain can't win without Florida, but even if he wins Virginia he still loses if Obama gets the Kerry states plus Iowa, Colorado and New Mexico. Virginia has a more Repub-friendly history, I guess. Is this decision tantamount to a concession? He's given Obama an uncontested path to 270.

Update 2: Pennsylvania's "getability" is probably exaggerated. The Republicans keep underestimating Obama's wiliness.

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