Monday, October 13, 2008

Joe Biden's moment

In his home home state, Joe Biden has a 2:1 ratio of favorability to unfavorability. He blows Sarah Palin and John McCain out of the water. One of the interesting things to see this election cycle is just how popular Joe Biden has become. Initially, he had something in the range of a 40-39 spread in most polls, but he's actually become quite popular, and he's popular in areas (like Pennsylvania and Florida) where it's really helped the Democratic ticket. From that standpoint alone the pick was an astonishing success, and with Palin it's been the mirror image.

I always figured that, the more people got to know Joe Biden, the more they'd like him. I actually never thought (initially) that people would like Sarah Palin less the more they saw of her. This election has given me much more faith in American democracy than I had before, much more faith in Barack Obama's ability to truly change this country, and much more faith in Joe Biden. I'm feeling optimistic, though I can't wait for this election season to be over.

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